There's no place like 'Ome.


Beautiful in every way.

Sure, the beds are comfortable, the sheets are clean, and the decor is beautiful. Of course it’s a unique experience of being in a deluxe, eco-luxe tent or pod, cut off from outside communication and given a rare opportunity to actually, genuinely, experience relaxation and comfort in ways you haven’t in a long, long time. However, despite the great accommodations, the real treat of OME, is the surroundings you find yourself in – the communities of Middle Arm, Burlington and Smith’s Harbour.

Nestled by the water in coves and inlets, surrounding by rolling hills of forests and trees, we want this to be your ‘OME while you’re here. You can feel safe, protected, welcomed and secure the whole time you’re visiting. People are friendly, passers by are here to help, and everyone you meet is excited that you’re visiting with us. Outside of the scenery and the calmness of the oceanside, we pride ourselves in the stories and the lives of the people who make this place so special – and we can’t wait for you to experience that as well.








Definitely a 5-star night.

Overton, United Kingdom