There's no place like 'Ome.


Who says camping can’t be comfortable?


Leave your sleeping bag at home, and don’t worry about waking up on the cold, hard ground. ‘OME isn’t your typical idea of camping – this is glamourous. This, is ‘Glamping.’

All our ‘OME tents are supported by hand-crafted, custom, locally-built frames. Logs are cut from the forest surrounding the community of Burlington, and is then carried to a local saw mill in Middle Arm where a family-owned, decades-old manual saw mill is used to saw the necessary lumber. Local carpenters then construct the frames using traditional hand-tools to make precise and individual custom cuts to shape and form the frames in the best way to best fit the tents.

The frames are then covered with 100% custom-made, industrial grade canvas tents, hand stitched right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. We aim to offer the highest quality and unique craftsmanship to match your equally unique experience.

While you’re here, nothing about your stay at ‘OME will be like anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s waking up to the sound of the ocean waves crashing at your feet against the shoreline, or peering out the bay through your front door and seeing a giant iceberg slowly following the current into the cove.

All ‘OME tents offer either one or two queen-sized beds for single or double occupancy, tables, heaters, and more. Shared washroom facilities are provided with state-of-the-art compost toilets to provide eco-friendly solutions. A community shower facility is also available.

Whether it’s sitting in the quiet serenity of the oceanside, or a wooded area a short walk from the water, there’s lots to draw you to the beauty of the place, and make you feel at ‘OME the whole time you’re here.


No Wi-Fi

No Cell Service


No Workstation

No Worries

No Problems

This may be the most beautiful place I’ve ever fallen asleep.

Innisfil, Ontario